Mangalayatan complex invites great scholars from different parts of the world, time to time, and conduct discourses/classes for the benefit of devotees. These discourses/classes are becoming very popular among the local jains who attend them. Objective of such activities is to spread the message of Jinwani, and to instill great personal and religious values among the devotees, especially among the youth. Some of the classes are exclusively held for the young generation, elders also attend them in impressive numbers. These classes embolden their religious feelings and also provide them a chance to find answers to their long standing queries.

  Sh. Himmatbhai Dagli (Songarh)

  Pt. Hemant Bhai Gandhi (Songarh)

  Dr. Kirit Bhai Gosalia (America)

  Dr. Rakesh Jain (Jabalpur)

  Bal Brahmachari Kalpana Ben (Sagar)

  Mr. Kalpa Shreyas Raja (Nairobi)

  Ms. Meena Shah (London)

  Sh. Jatish Bhai Gandhi (Sanavad)

  Pt. Ashok Luhadiya

  Pt. Sachin Jain (Khaniyadhana)

  Pt. Abhinandan Kumarji (Khaniadhana)

  Pt. Nageshji (Pidava)

  Pt. Manish Shashtri (Pidava)

  Pt. Subodh Shashtri (Shahgarh)

  Pt. Abhay Jain (Devlali)

etc. have conducted their discourses, Tatvacharchas and classes in the Mangalayatan complex.