The place falls under the limits of village Sasni, birth-place of Pt. Daulatramji, the revered writer of popular Jain scripture Shri Chheh-dhala.

Aligarh is linked to major cities of the country by rail and road. It takes about three hours to reach New Delhi, the capital of India, by road. Railway journey to the city also takes the same time. The nearest airport is Agra, which is connected to major airport of the country. ‘Mangalayatan’ complex could not get a better location than Aligarh.

The Aligarh-New Delhi road link is near about 135 kilometers, while the railway route between the two cities is 110 kilometers. There are many trains available from Delhi to Aligarh. Agra and Mathura cities are 65 and 50 kilometers away from Aligarh, respectively.