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Bhagwan Shri Aadinath Vidhyaniketan

Expenditure for entire
period of education Rs. 1,00,000/- Per Student
Expenditure for one year of education Rs. 25,000/- Per Student

Atithi Bhojanshala (Guest’s Dining Hall)

For one month food – 2,00,000/-
One day food (Including Breakfast) – 15,000/-
One time food – 6,100/-
One time breakfast – 3,100/-

Teerthdham Mangalayatan: Dhruv Pujan Tithi

All Jin Mandir Rs. 51,00/-
One Jin Mandir Rs. 1,100/-

Mangalayatan Masik Patrika

For one month publication Rs. 21,000/-
Life time membership Rs. 500/-

Mangalayatan Vatsalya Nidhi

Every Month Rs. 1,000/-

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