Shri Adinath Kund-Kund Kahan Digamber Jain Trust has enshrined Teerthankar Mahavir as ‘Vidhinayak’ in the complex. His beautiful temple is constructed in over an area of 4500 square feet. Inside this temple, his 33 inches high marble statue is seated on the vedi built of white marble which is surrounded by 30" high marble statues of Bhagwan Shantinath, and Bhagwan Parshvanath sitting on white marble vedis. Bhagwan Mahavir Swami and Videhinath Bhagwan Seemandhar Swami’s Ashtadhatu Jin-bimbs (statues) are also installed in the temple.

This temple has is also adorned with portraits of Bhagwan Kundkundacharyadev and Amritchandracharyadev engraved on marble slabs measuring 4′ x 4.5′. These pictures are framed beautifully in engraved white marble. Frames have been placed on the walls of the temple. Except the sanctum sanctorum (garbha griha), the rest of the hall of 50′ x 50′ is utilised for meditation, religious discourses, etc.

On the walls of Mahavir Swami Jinalaya, 150 marble slabs have been fixed and engraved with Shri Samaysar gathas written by Bhagwan Kundkundacharyadev.