Param Pujya Champa Ben – our Pujya Mata Ji was born on 07/08/1914, at Wadhwan city in Saurastra- Gujarat, India. Her father’s name was Shri Jetha Lal Moti Chand Shah and mother’s name was Shrimati Teja Ben, she had one sister, two brothers namely Shri Vrajalal and the other Shri Himmtlal Bhai.

From the childhood param Pujya Mata ji was the lover of asceticism. She was sharp, intelligent, had a very thought provoking nature and had power of taking firm decisions. Above all these many virtues which exist naturally in her that she was also serious by nature and she always asked questions about, what is Atma? She was in search of knowing this, meanwhile she came into the contact of the knower of Atma, Param Pujya Gurudev Shri Kanji Swami. By spiritual sermon Pujya Bahen Shri’s inner knowledge lightened her eagerness of attaining Atma became intense she did very much hard work all day & night.

At last at the age of 18 year, on 21 /03/1933, at Bankaner City in Saurashtra she become successful. She attains Samyak Darshan and had a clear vision of her own Bhagwan Atma. In her state, she started to flow the auspicious nectar stream of imperceptible blissful knowledge, pure, non-concept ,self experience. That nectar stream was increasing on the date 03/05/1937, Monday at Songadh in knowledge state of excessive pureness of previous births remembrance and knowledge also revealed. Such was Param Pujaya Mata Ji. Who was given sermon speeches towards celibate Bahens in Ashram (haritages). Speeches in the form of BolesTM which are full of her self experience which show the path for attaining the Salvation.

Bahenshri Chapaben

Thus her boles are able to lead to salvation is showing the path for it, very inspiring and giving her slef experience to each and every jivas.

A Message
One of Champaben’s famous quotations is:
"Hey soul! If you do not enjoy being anywhere then change your knowing activity and take an interest in your soul. It is likeable within the soul. The soul is filled with happiness; you will definitely like it there. There is no enjoyable place in the universe but it is definitely enjoyable in the soul and only in the soul. So take an interest in your soul."

She left for her heavenly abode, on 05/12/1990.