Mangalayatan features Bhagwan Adinath as the main deity, the Moolnayak. The temple is constructed on an artificial hill running across the complex. The hill starts from the height of 4′ and rises to 31′. On its peak, a white marble platform measuring 16′ x 16′ x 2.5′ supports a 10′ high pink marble lotus throne. Seated on this is an impressive 111” high white marble statue of Bhagwan Adinath with halo (bhamandal) and three umbrellas (chhatras).

The statue, towering a maximum height of over 55 feet from the ground level, is a fascinating sight to everyone passing on the Agra-Aligarh highway. A staircase has been built for the devotees to climb up to the temple. For people who cannot climb stairs, a ramp way has been constructed. Installation of a high speed lift is also being planned for handicapped, disabled and aged persons.