• Course Eligibility : Mangal Pragya 3 and basic knowledge of Internet
  • Course Duration : 3 to 4 Months
  • Course Start Date : Information will be provided on ‘https://mvp.atma.club’

Course Introduction

The course will get the Mangalarthies to know the concepts of the Soul and Supreme Soul (Atma and Parmatma), Seven Elements (Tattva), and the Six Essentials (Aavashyak) of a Jain Shravak and a very interesting topic of the Eight Karmas.

Furthermore, they will indulge in the topics of Festivals and Parvas, Barah-Bhavna, a brief history of Jainism and the biographical sketch of Teerthankar Parshvanath along with the description of Akratrim Jina Temples and Vairagya Paths in the beginning and the end.

The Theories Of The Management Of This World (Vastu Vyavastha) and Teerthankar Neminath's bio-sketch along with Dev and Shastra stutis at the beginning and the end have also been included in the book.

There are Dev and Shastra stutis at the beginning and the end.


  • 1. Mangal Shringaar
  • 2. Dev Stuti
  • 3. Aatma aur Parmaatma
  • 4. Saat Tatva
  • 13. Amoolya Tatva Vichaar
  • 5. Jain Grahastha ke aavashyak
  • 6. Karma-Siddhant
  • 7. Tyauhaar aur Parv
  • 8. Teerthankar Parswanath
  • 9. Akratrim Jin-Chaityalay
  • 10. Apni Vaibhav Gaatha
  • 11. Jain Shasan ka vaibhavshaali Itihaas
  • 12. Barah Bhawna

Download Mangal Shasan Bhag 1