• Course Eligibility : Mangal Pragya 1 and basic knowledge of Internet
  • Course Duration : 3 to 4 Months
  • Course Start Date : Information will be provided on ‘https://mvp.atma.club’

Course Introduction

This is the first room after the entrance into the edifice of Jainism.

This course will make the learners discern the concepts of sins and passions (paap and kashaya), and how the mundane beings indulge in them.

They will also get to understand the six substances (dravya); the state of the mundane and the salvation; the basic conduct of a shravak and the life of Lord Mahavir in detail.

There are Dev and Shastra stutis at the beginning and the end.


  • 1. Aatma-Keertan
  • 2. Dev-stuti
  • 3. Paap
  • 4. Kashay
  • 5. Jain ka samanya Sadachaar
  • 6. Sansaar tatha Moksha
  • 7. Dravya Vyavastha
  • 8. Shasan Nayak : Bhagwan Mahaveer
  • 9. Jinvani Stuti

Download Mangal Pragya Bhag 2