Introduction to Jain Philosophy

It is an introductory course for providing basic knowledge of Jain Philosophy. The objective is to help candidates to have an overview of Jain Philosophy and will cover areas such as important principles, technical words, historical characters, meaning of some prayers and Jain practices. It will include basic practices of non-violence, forgiveness, practices of restraint and austerity.

Study of a Famous Text

Jain literature has rich texts and one who does not study them miss a great opportunity to acquire eternal happiness and remains ignorant of the unparalleled treasure of knowledge available at present. To start with, one can choose either Chahdhala or Samaysar Gatha one or two at a time.
As we gain experience, our objective is to add more texts depending on response to the program and provide avenues for higher learning.

E-Learning Centre

Why opt for E-Learning

The Centre has been set up with the objective of meeting requirements of various groups for their spiritual upliftment:

  • Jainism is an ancient philosophy dealing with eternal principles governing all types of life in the Universe and have a very rich traditions. High levels of competition in the present era and cravings for material happiness have led many people not getting enough opportunities to learn about it.

  • Many people have left their native place/country to pursue better educational or job opportunities elsewhere where it may not be conducive to learn Jain Philosophy.

  • The young/new generation is being brought up in the external environment without the knowledge of spiritual values.

  • The middle-aged and old people might have missed opportunities for cultural and philosophical enrichment.

  • With both the parents engaged in business/professional activities, they are not able to spare time for teaching children about Philosophy and values in life.

  • Some principles of Jain Philosophy such as non-violence, forgiveness, practices of restraint and austerity have led to world-wide attention on learning of the same irrespective of religion one follows.

  • To impart basic knowledge of Jain Philosophy to anyone who is interested in the subject in a short period of time is the underlying objective of this program.

  • It is likely that those who are already familiar with knowledge of Jain principles would like to have further in-depth study of a particular scripture or some famous texts.

  • With the above objectives in view, Teerthdham Mangalayatan has embarked on the task of promoting online study in Jain Philosophy so that the above groups can have an opportunity for self-learning. Depending on the response, regular correspondence course may be introduced.

  • The program is not commercial in nature and the object is to benefit the society at large. Fees mentioned are meant only to cover incidental expenses and to promote learning habits, discipline in registrations and recognise the value of the program.


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