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  • Sanchalak Mandal

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The exclusive aim of the program is to impart education on all aspects of the eternal principles of Jain Philosophy based on detachment and propounded by the Jinendra Paramatma. Any one interested in the Jain philosophy is welcomed.

Specific Programs

  1. Mangal Parichay: Jain Principles meant for new entrants
  2. Mangal Vardhaman: Jain Principles meant for new entrants
  1. Mangal Praveshika: First and Second semester
  2. Mangal Visharad: First and Second semester
  3. Mangal Bhushan: First and Second semester
  4. Mangal Ratna: First and Second semester
  5. Mangal Teerth: First and Second semester

Mangal Jigyasa – We will ask an open question to the public within 15 days/1 month and award the one who finds a quick solution.

Additional Courses:

Mangal Bodhi
Stories from Prathamanuyoga– Purans or parts thereof etc.
– Ashtapahud, Niyamasar, Pravachansar, Panchastikay Sangrah, samayasar etc. One can do the study and appear for examination. The certificate will be provided for the same.
– Monthly- Fortnightly: If lectures are desired on daily, fortnightly and monthly basis, arrangements will be made.
– If one desires to pursue Ph. D on the appropriate subject, we have made arrangements with the recognised University


Written: 60 marks
Objective Questions: 40 marks
Duration: 3 hours

Examination Procedure:

– Online/ Email/ Written/ Oral (Oral for children below 8 years old). Oral exam will be conduct either by local scholar or by Mangal Vidyapeetha.


  1. Each semester has the duration of 06 months and maximum time of 2 years permitted for successful completion
  2. Course is offered in Hindi as well as English languages. Materials for both languages are made available on the web site.


India: Rs 200 per semester
Overseas: 20 dollar/pound per semester
Duration of Semester: 06 months


The fees for Mangal Vidyapeeth for one semester is Rs. 200 only. You may deposit the amount in-
Account Name – Shri Adinath kund kund kahan digambar jain trust. Aligarh
Bank Name – Bank of baroda
Branch – Sasnigate aligarh
A/c no. – 26120100041008
Pan no. – AABTA0995P
Email id – [email protected]
or send draft / cheque on our address.

Online Fee Payment

The fees for Mangal Vidyapeeth for one semester is Rs. 200 only. You may deposit thru online. Please click on the link below for online payment.
Online Payment

Partial or Complete Exemption in Application fees

  1. Those who cannot afford to pay the application fee may be granted partial or complete exemption in fee if this is certified by two representatives from Mangalayatan or any other Jain Religious Center.
  2. There is complete exemption for fees for Sadhus and Brahmacharis.


The head office for this course program will be Teerthdham Mangalayatan, Aligarh-Agra Road, Sasani 204216 (Hathras), (U.P.) India


Shrimati Rupal Jain, Teerthdham Mangalayatan, Aligarh-Agra Road, Sasani 204216 (Hathras), (U.P.) India
Mob :+91-8191900042, WhatsApp :+91-8191900042, email: [email protected]
Time:– 11 A.M. to 5 P.M. (According to Indian Time)

Paramarsh Mandal

Dr Hukumchand Bharill

  • Pandit Vimal Dada Jhanjhari, Ujjain
  • Pandit Sachin Jain, Teerthadham Mangalayatan
  • Bal Brahmachari Kalpana Ben
  • Shri Basantbhai Doshi, Mumbai
  • Bal Brahmachari Hemantbhai Gandhi, Songadh
  • Bal Brahmachari Hemchandji ‘Hem’, Deolali
  • Pandit Ashok Luhadia, Teerthadham Mangalayatan

  • Shri Pawan Jain, Teerthadham Mangalayatan
  • Dr Karitbhai Gosalia, USA
  • Shrimati Sheetal Shah, London
  • Shri Prafulbhai Raja, Nairobi
  • Shrimati Kanchanben, Canada
  • Shri Parash Parekh, Pune
  • Pandit Sudhir Shastri, Teerthadham Manglayatan

Vidhvat Mandal

Professor Jayanti Lal Jain
O. S. U. (U. S. A.)

  • Dr. Sanjeev Godha, Jaipur
  • Dr. Rakesh Shastri, Nagpur
  • Dr Yogesh Jain, Aliganj
  • Pandit Arun Jain, Jaipur
  • Pandit Rajkumar Jain, Udaipur
  • Pandit Prakash, Chhabadaa, Indore

Sanchalak Mandal

Vidushi Shrimati Rupal Jain, Teerthadham Mangalayatan

  • Shrimati Priya Jain, Teerthadham Mangalayatan
  • Dr. Swarnalata Jain, Nagpur
  • Dr Mamata Jain, Udaipur

Other Associate Institutions


  • Shri Digamber Jain Swadhyamandir Trust, Songadh
    Shri Hansmukhbhai P Bora

  • Shri Todarmal Smarak Trust, Jaipur
    Shri Paramatma Prakash Bharill
  • Pujya Gurudevshri Kanjiswami Trust, Deolali/Mumbai
    Shri Kantibhai Motani
  • Shri Acharya Kundkund Jain Jagrati Centre, Ponnur
    Shri Anantrai A. Seth
  • Vitarag Vigyan SwadhyayaMandir Trust, Ajmer
    Shri Naresh Luhadia
  • Shri Gyayak Parmarthik Trust, Banswara
    Shri Mahipal Jain
  • Shri Kundkund Pravachan Prasaran Sansthan , Ujjain
    Pandit Vimal Dada Jhanjhari
  • Shri Paramagam Shravak Trust, Sonagir
    Shri Anil Sethi
  • Shri Kundkund Kahan Pandit Babubhai Mehta Charitable Trust Chaitanyadham, Ahemadabad
    Shri Amritbhai Mehta
  • Shri Kundkund kahan Digmber Jain Atmarthi Trust, Delhi
    Shri Adish Jain
  • Shri Shantinath- Akampan- Kahan Digmber Jain Trust, Hastinapur
    Shri Shri Mukesh Chandra Jain
  • Sh. Kund – Kund Kahan Shashwat Parmarthik trust, Shashwat Dham, Udaypur
    Pt. Sh. Raj kumar Shastri
  • Shri Dig. Jain Mumukshu Mandal, Dehradun
    Shri Chatarsain Jain


  • Shri Digmber Jain Mumukshu Mandal, Nairobi
    Shri Prafulbhai Raja, Nairobi, Kenya
  • Shri Digmber Jain Association, London
    Shree Sandeep Shah, London
  • Shri Jain Swadhyay Mandir Songadh, USA
    Shree Hasmukh Bhai Shah, USA
  • Shri S.S. Jain Foundation, Toronto, Canada
    Shree Gyanchand Jain, Canada
  • Jain Center of Greater Phoenix. Phoenix, USA.
    Dr. Kiritbhai Gosalia, Phoenix
  • Mumukshu of North America (MONA)
    Shree Rajni Bhai Gosalia
  • Jain Adhyatma Academy of North America (JAANA)
    Shree Atul Khara
  • Shree Jain Center, Singapore
    Shree Ashok Patni, Singapore
  • Shri Friday Jain Swadhyay Group, Dubai
    Shree Mr. Ramaniakbhai Badar
  • Jain Society of Metropolitan Chicago
    Sushree Falguniben Gosalia
  • Sydney Jain Mandal
    Shree Ravi Dholakia, Sydney, Australia
  • Muscat
    Meera ben Shah and Shree Anil bhai Shah

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