About Mangal Shrut

Mangal Shrut is a campaign started by Teerthdham Mangalayatan that aims to keep save ancient manuscripts of Jainism in digital format.

Ancient palm leaf manuscripts and handwritten scriptures are preserved and scanned to save the sacred literature of India for a longer duration. Teerthdham Mangalayatan has succeeded in scanning 14 lakh pages till now. We upload these pages on internet for public access.

Total Pages Scaned
14 Lac
Total Manuscripts Scaned


A manuscript is a handwritten composition on paper, bark, cloth, metal, palm leaf or any other material dating back at least seventy-five years that has significant scientific, historical or aesthetic value. Lithographs and printed volumes are not manuscripts. Manuscripts are found in hundreds of different languages and scripts. Often, one language is written in a number of different scripts. For example, Sanskrit is written in Oriya script, Grantha script, Devanagari script and many other scripts.

Manuscripts are distinct from historical records such as epigraphs on rocks, firmans, revenue records which provide direct information on events or processes in history. Manuscripts have knowledge content about our religious.